WPjournalist creates effective WordPress websites for entrepreneurs and small organizations. With my years of experience as a content creator, I advise you about the content and findability of your website. I am flexible, affordable and easy going.

How I work

1. First acquaintance

In our first contact (by e-mail, telephone) I briefly introduce myself who I am and what I do and tell about my approach. And I’d love to hear what your plans are.

We also schedule an appointment for the intake of the website. What kind of website do you want, what is the goal, what atmosphere should the website radiate? Things that are also important for building a top website.

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2. Intake interview

The intake can be done by telephone, online or live (if you live nearby). We discuss content, purpose and what the website should radiate. Are there any special features needed? And do you want to add something new to your website? We can brainstorm about this and improve and sharpen your website on certain fronts.

  • If we do the conversation online via Teams/Zoom, I can also show you examples of websites.
  • After the intake, I will prepare a tailor-made offer for you, without obligation. I will make a proposal with all your wishes that have emerged during the conversation.
  • The quotation is an immediate approach for the coming period: the construction of the website, how you will continue to grow and which aid(s) you will need.

3. Get started

After approval of the quote, we get to work! I advise you with the hosting party, if you don’t have one yet and we choose a website theme together on Theme Forest.

This is a marketplace for websites with good, professional and modern websites, including design. So you don’t need to hire a designer. Every website has demos that you can choose from. There is always something. If you like, we can find and try out a suitable theme together via Teams/Zoom.

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4. Website Building

Once all preconditions have been arranged, we start construction. I process all supplied content (text, photos, logo, colors) in the website design. I ensure the correct layout, navigation and structure of the website. After an initial concept, you give your approval and then we will fine-tune the website.

The website:

  • is user-friendly to work with;
  • has good security;
  • has a plugin for SEO;
  • has a plugin for backups.

5. Additional services

To give the website a strong start, I will arrange a number of extras:

  • I link the website for you with Google Analytics (statistics) and the Google Search Console (monitoring).
  • If you have a newsletter, I will link the website to the email marketing program.
  • I optimize the front page with the Yoast SEO plugin for you.
  • I advise you in creating the business page that will appear in Google’s search results.
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5. Instruction / Advice

  • After delivery of the website I give an instruction. I explain how your website works and how you can get started with it yourself.
  • I also give you substantive advice on how to make your website more visible in search engines, such as Google. Or how you can improve your website with strong content.
  • Working with WordPress means that you can further develop your website, publish articles yourself, update the website and much more.

6. Maintenance & management

I can take care of the maintenance and management of the website. WordPress, the themes and plugins regularly come with updates and must be kept up to date.

The hosting party also has to perform updates every now and then, such as updating the PHP version. In case of problems with the website, I keep in touch with the hosting party.

You have a three-month warranty: if something is unexpectedly wrong with the website, I will solve it for you. Of course without extra costs.

7. Network of specialists

You may want to engage a specialist to perfect a part of the website. I have a network of specialists and can offer you the right support from an expert:

Een technisch probleem oplossen door gespecialiseerd bureau.
Een professionele cookie- en privacyverklaring
Tekstschrijvers om de inhoud te verbeteren
Een specialist voor technisch SEO
Een marketingbureau of een business coach

WPjournalist +

When the website is live, it only starts… You want to offer unique content, you want to be visible in search engines, you want to add value to your target group.

I can support your company or organization in terms of content with the start and further development of your website. You will receive support from my experience as a very experienced writer, editor and content specialist. From writing texts, conducting interviews, selecting/arranging images, final editing of texts to creating and editing videos.

Together with you I can make a plan for the coming period. Organizations can hire me for a certain period of time to, for example, write articles or set up and send a newsletter. Please contact me for a quote.


You can have a website built by me from as little as 1000 euros.

On average I build websites for between 1500 and 3000 euros and then you get a top website with all the trimmings.

The construction of a new website takes about 1 to 2 months.

Facts & Figures

Your website is built with WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world.

40% of all websites are built with WordPress. That's about 80 million websites.

There are over 55,000 plugins that you can use for your website.

Ask a Question!

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