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…to a top website

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The problem

You have a great plan, project or new business, but you have no idea how a website can help. Where do I start? How do I get a design? And how do I get content that brings me visitors and customers?

You would like...

... want a top website that you can control, that is well visited and that has an impact. With catchy content and a stylish design and in good hands with a professional who advises you from start to finish.

That's how you do it

A trajectory of WPjournalist helps you from start to finish (and beyond...) to make a top website from scratch, well-visited, distinctive and accessible, so that your plans or dreams come true.
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WPjournalist is...

– curious, researches & writes (hence the name) – working with WordPress every day – website builder, consultant and content maker – an experienced force – light-footed and communicative – looking for fun and also unorthodox projects –

8+ years of experience

WPjournalist has been working with WordPress for years and can advise and support you in all kinds of areas with a total solution.

50+ projects

I have built dozens of new websites. With beautiful and effective functionalities, from an online course to a multilingual website.

20+ years of media maker

You get a website builder who has a lot of experience with the content of the website. We can integrate text, video and other forms of content to make your website even more accessible.

from Leiden

If you live in Leiden or the surrounding area, you have the advantage that I come by bike to get acquainted. But with Zoom and Teams, I can also support you online across the country.

Featured projects

Do you want a stylish website, one with all the trimmings or a website with specific functionalities? View the featured projects and discover the possibilities of WPjournalist. You will discover that I can offer you just that little bit more.

That's how I work

WPjournalist creates effective WordPress websites for entrepreneurs and small organizations. With my years of experience as a copywriter, I advise you about the content and findability of your website. I am flexible, affordable and easy going.

From website building to advice

Do you want to renew your website?


On WPjournalist you will find hundreds of articles about building a website, content marketing, SEO, reviews of themes, extensive manuals, an overview of the best plugins and much more.