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Create your own website script and climb to great heights

Every day I wonder (kind of a weird quality…) how I can attract more visitors to my website.

I need to offer my visitors something they need.

I recently got a great tip from internet guru Neil Patel. He advised me to use website scripts. A website script in short, is a series of instructions that can be executed by a program. It is basically an online tool with which you can offer your visitors something.

You can find hundreds of online tools on the internet to improve your website. A few examples:

TinyPNG is a tool to compress photos without losing quality. Useful if you have a lot of photos on a page and you want the page to load faster.

PageSpeed Insights measures the speed of your website. You receive a score and on that basis you can decide if you need to take measures to make your website faster.

What WordPress theme is that is an online tool which shows exactly with which WordPress theme a website was built. Useful if you like a website and want to find out which one it is.

And sometimes you want to find out what your IP address is. Also for that there is a tool to find out.

But also the ‘Kieswijzer’ (helps you find a party to vote on) that millions fill out during election time is an online tool.

And this way there are many more online tools that people really like to use. Preferably free, because that’s how you attract the most people to your website.

Online tool for websites

I have also added a script to my website. First I really thought about whether or not these online tools add value to my mission, which is to enhance and improve websites. These are the tools:

Create an Avatar – You can create and download your own avatars with this tool. You choose from a boy or a girl and then you can edit the avatar. The skin tone, nose, ears, mouth, hair colour, clothing and background. You choose from various kinds of clothes and you can also choose your own background. You can edit it just the way you want.

make avatar

I myself often visit TinyPNG’s website to compress photos. I sometimes visit this website a few times a week to do this. So it’s a good way to attract more visitors to your website.

Often visitors are only interested in compressing photos. But see it as an extra service. At a certain point, your visitors will start to browse further and check out the rest of your website. And that’s how you can get them interested in your other products or services.

Where do I get a website script?

First I looked into the script offers for websites. But where can you get a script? There are different ways:

  • You can Google ‘scripts for websites’ and then you will see a few websites which offer scripts for websites. At PHPjabbers you can download free scripts for your website. Of course you do need to choose a script that suits your branch.
  • I myself chose to buy two scripts with CodeCanyon. It cost a few tenners. Take a look on CodeCanyon. You get a list with all the scripts and then you choose one that suits your company. The list of scripts also contains plugins you can buy. But what it’s about is that you can offer something with this script or plugin.
  • If you have a larger budget for your scripts, then you could consider to hire a developer to develop your own script. This is of course not the fastest and/or easiest way, but if you have a good idea for an online tool that hasn’t been done before, you could be onto a little goldmine. With a platform like Fiverr, you can look for a developer at Programming & Tech. Just contact them and ask them if they create scripts. One thing will lead to another and before you know it you discover an amazing online tool together.
  • You can also buy an existing online tool! This is often the most expensive option, because especially the most successful online tools will not be cheap. To come back to Neil Patel; he bought Ubersuggest, a free search word tool, for 30.000 Dollars. He also invested hundreds of thousands in it. But he did see his number of visitors double from 800.000 to 1.8 million in a year. Not bad right.

How do you implement it?

There are scripts, like my avatar generator, you can install with a plugin. So quite simple. Other scripts are a little more difficult to implement. The free icons generator is a piece of code that you need to ‘paste’ into your website. That’s a little more difficult. You also often need to translate the script, because most scripts are in English.

But the most important thing is, that you optimize the page where you present the online tool. Four days after publication I was halfway on the second page in Google with the search word ‘Create avatar’.


A good start, but if you want to be successful with the online tool then you MUST appear on the first page, and preferably in the top 3. I already saw that the competition is not that big content wise, so my goal is to further optimize this page in the upcoming days.

It’s now still quite a simple page with little text. So now it’s important to advertise the tool so more people will visit it. You can also expand a page like this into a real landing page.

How to optimize your page? I have also written an article about this: Make your website easier to find in Google with these 11 tips.

NOTE: be careful with scripts, because you adding an ‘unknown’ piece of code and this can make your website very vulnerable for hackers. You can solve this by for example securing the directory where the script is located.


Website scripts have been around for years, but I think there will be a lot more development. Every day new online tools for websites are added.

Wouldn’t it be great if you (and me too) could develop an online tool that attracts a huge amount of visitors. Developing a tool is possible for everyone. The avatar generator for example is a plugin anyone can install.

Well known tools like TinyPNG get hundreds of thousands of views a day. And they make a lot of money with that. Because aside from the free version, there is also a premium version with more functions. But you can also place advertisements on the website with which you can earn money.

Through the cheap way I have already added a couple of tools to my website with which I have something to offer my visitors to enhance their website.

But I would prefer to take it a step further and develop my own tool for websites that doesn’t exist yet. This is something I regularly think about now.

Do you have an idea for an online tool? With the guides above you can get started. And perhaps I can help you with it.

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